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I felt like uploading some songs, so, here you go =3

Uploaded artists:
1x Agent Provocateur
1x Metronome
1x The Pillows
1x bis
1x La:Sadie's

Artist: OLIVIA
Song: Into the stars
Album: Into the stars [single]
Genre: Jpop
Info: It's a really sweet, pop-ish song. It gets stuck in your head, and I just generally like this song.

Artist: Agent Provocateur
Song: Red Tape
Album: Underworld Soundtrack
Genre: Rock
Info: You might have noticed this song if you've watched 'Underworld' [which is a great movie, by the way]. It's really~ different, and it's got this certain power to it.

Artist: Metronome
Song: øD-Sanskrit
Album: YAPUU no shoukansareta machi
Genre: Hm, indies, techno, something like that.
Info: Even if you don't like Metronome, I think you should've heard them atleast once. I mean, the band claims to have time-traveled back to 1998 from the year 2005! If that isn't original! Generally, their music can be described as plain 'weird', which is a good thing if you ask me =3

Artist: The Pillows
Song: Ride on a shooting star
Album: Fool on the planet
Genre: Jrock
Info: Ah, this is just a great, relaxed song. These three guys know how to make good music.

Artist: bis
Song: Hangyaku text
Album: Freestyle rock ~jinsei wa joujou da~ [mini album]
Genre: Visual kei
Info: I love the speed in this song ^^

Artist: La:Sadie's
Song: Kuroi Namida
Album: ?
Genre: Visual kei
Info: Kuroi Namida; personally, I think it's a great song. As for La:Sadie's... I'll try to keep this short. La:Sadie's could be concidered 'the band before Dir en grey', since Kyo, Die, Shinya and Kaoru were all part of it. Besides them there also were other members, like Kisaki and Shio. Well, to keep a long story short; Kisaki left the band in 1997, Toshiya joined and the Diru we all know now was born. Did I mention I love this song?
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I have them all ^^;; safe for the Agent Provocateur one.
I could've guessed that, ne ^~
Man, I didn't realize I had that much Metronome songs. I must have at least 25 Oo
i <3 those songs! thanks
^^ glad you like them
Thanks for the songs!