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welcome post
very, very, very temporary layout. still setting things up. ^^;

uploaded artists:
- Alice Nine
- Dead end

artist: Alice Nine
song: h.a.n.a.b.i.
album: gion shousha no kane ga naru
genre: VK, is it Oshare Kei, actually? they're not that colorfull, but they do look so sweet ^^;
info: very addictive song in my opinion. I really love Alice Nine *swoon* And the bass part in this song just makes me go 'eep he's gonna break his strings!'

artist: Dead End
song: I want your love
album: Zero
genre: J-rock (80's style! XD)
info: bands like Dead End, Zi:Kill, D'erlanger, Boowy, Kinnikushoujotai... they just shouldn't be forgotten! This song is just awesome, even though morrie's english is funny XD.

just two for now, yes, because everything is acting stupid (msn, yousendit etc)
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